During the Seminar...

A couple of things happened today during the 'Chicken Essence seminar'.

First case: renowned retard Mr. Andrew Eng showed his so-called brick dance in front of few hundred peoples. Everyone teased him so sarcastically by clapping and cheering while he was monkey-ing, but he just couldn't sense it and thought that he's a pro. What an irony.

Second case: special names appeared on the form they called us to fill in. Persons include KJ(Khinzir Jahat), La Fida!, Zakar Ria(Happy Cock), Mahai-thir, Sleepy-Lah, Semi Value(Besok Kirim Hari Ni Sampai), V.K. Lingerie, Robert Mugger-be, George Wanker Bush, Ong Ka Deng(Deng!), Najis Tong Rosak, NBA(Najis Bombs Aleluya)... etc.


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