For the Pride of Us

Only since 2 weeks ago I (and most of my classmates) realized that our school is holding a newspaper collecting competition.

Last year, our class, 5S5 had won the third place. This year, we aim for first.

We've carried out various operations to achieve our goal- operation PLUS 5 (Pungut Lebih Untuk S5), operation SPAM (Super Power At Maximum)... etc.

When other classes found out our goal, they strive for it too. The amount of newspaper brought had shot up ferociously for 2 continuous weeks, form 113kg, 368kg, 513kg, 654kg, 913kg... and until today, the judgment day.

Early in the morning, when I brought my 2 feet high newspapers to school, I noticed that some of our classmates are there ready to help. Jie Yi has brought a whole car of newspapers, and thanks to yesterday's effort there is still quite a lot in LAS room.

When I'm happy to see what we've brought, the unthinkable happened. News came around that 3A2 have the generous support from their class teacher, and her filled-with-newspaper challenger had unloaded for 4 times!

Besides, there are still a lot of newspaper below the staircase beside the school's staff room. We went to see, and that's really a lot.

Anyhow, our classmates are gambling with them, and we're playing ALL IN. This is the greatest bet we've ever made. While we're thinking that one of our rival 5S1 will surely lose, there came a truck with 6 boxes of magazines and hell lots of newspapers. That's spectacular. Kenny Rolan must had rented the lorry for the 2 weeks collecting newspapers around his neighborhood.

We're depressed. But then, after some calculations we expect to half-fight with A2. Then around 12:25, news came out that we have 2020kg while A2 have 1560kg. Wow, 2020kg! I never thought that our class could bring that much in just 2 days. It's 1 tonne!

The competition was ended at 2pm, but I don't know the results yet. 3A2 brought stacks of newspapers form the staircase (the 1560 figure was WITHOUT those below the staircase), and our classmates went around the school trying to collect newspapers from the neighborhood.

Well, I got to go back to school and find out the results. No matter which position we win, we showed out the great teamwork and spirit among us.

It's time, that we show them what we can do; time, to show that we're unrivaled; time, to receive our pride! Vincero!


  1. Wow! Great Effort and Team Work! Never Easily Give UP! Congratulations

    Good activity. I would also suggest that your school invite Mylene and Don from Penang to share with the students interesting ways to recycle household items.

  2. Thanks a lot!

    We've truly poured in many efforts to this activity. ;)