Bullshitter of the Year

First Part. MSC, Monosodium Chloride.

He asked the students, "what's the substance used as flavor enhancer? What's the chemical name??"


"Hey! You all stupid ah? Such a simple question you all don't know? Heh heh heh... (Sarcastically) Damn pathetic lah you all. I tell you, you get 7 A's 8 A's, you're an IDIOT! If you don't know these things, you're an IDIOT!"

It seems that he knows everything.

"So, what's the chemical name??" he asked again.

"Err... Monosodium... Chloride."

"ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Yeah! HE IS THE MAN! He reads! You all others, IDIOTS!"

Erhem. Hello, it's Monosodium Glutamate, Mister. If you only use Monosodium Chloride that is TABLE SALT, your vege won't be that savoury okay?


Second Part. The Condom-Controversy.

He asked the students, "What's the controversy of AIDS?"

Harr??? Controversy of AIDS?????

Everyone was thinking what the hell does the bloody question means, and he shouted, "Hey! You all really don't know ah? So simple!"

... ... ... ...

"Hey!! Don't know?? It's CONDOM! Hello! Read the newspapers! Or else you're an IDIOT!"

Errhem. Controversy of AIDS? Hello Sir, AIDS is not an Issue, how could it be controversial??


Third Part. Famous Bullshits.

He said to us, "I know everything. You ask any question, I also can answer you! The Tao-ism firstly proposes this-this theory, far before Christianity, Hindu, Islam and anything. I Challenge the Chinese teachers! I bet they also don't know as much as me! They need to ask from me some more!"
... Holy Bragger. I bet he can't even understand any of the sentence in <<心经>>. Ask him "色即是空,空即是色" maybe he tells you that colour is air, air is colour, this is the formation of rainbow in the air etc etc of bullshits.

"I don't respect people who doesn't read books and newspapers! Ask my wife, she'll know my style. She'll read everyday. She can talk about what's happening in America, talk about football, knows the structure of the company etc! If she don't read, first day, second day, and I guarantee you, the third day I'LL DIVORCE HER!"
... I think his wife must have told him "IF YOU SHUT UP FOR 3 DAYS I'LL DIVORCE YOU!!"

"I traveled to Ipoh, to Kelantan, to Penang, to Johor, to Terrenganu to give speeches to the people there! I have friends everywhere! I run a distributing company! The company now are going INTERNATIONAL! I'm the manager of the company! From up to down, form the production to the distribution I-KNOW-EVERYTHING! You ask my son (14 years old), he also knows! He can tell you the whole production line, how it works etc! He also reads! If he don't read I'LL WHACK HIM!!!"
... This must be the most serious child-abuse case I've ever heard of. And he says that he's a going-to-be international company's manager, but don't you doubt? For he drives a Myvi to school?


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