I’m back.

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Back to the place I once belong.

Back to this blog.

Back to my home.

When I met my friends they asked me how’s the life in Australia. Hmm, not as colourful as expected, and perhaps a little bit disappointing.

True, even with its stable economy and security, I can’t help but cringe at the sight of uneducated, savagely bogans looming on the street at night, shouting and swearing like animals finding for partners during mating season.

And it’s just the difference. The barrier. The feeling that you don’t belong there. The feeling of strangeness.

Don’t get me wrong, because most of the people there are very nice, helpful and friendly. On the second day after reaching Hobart, I met a very helpful guy who helped me to move my big mattress from the city to my house with his pickup truck. When walking on the street, more often than not you’ll see people smiling towards you. The people there say ‘please’, and ‘thank you’. And their driving manners. And courtesy. And much more.


Back to Malaysia, my home.

Everything seems so familiar here just like it's part of you. The weather feels familiar: hot and moist. The road feels familiar: busy and sometimes dirty. The people here feels one of yourself. Heck, even the longkang feels familiar.


There are some things that need to be lost to learn its preciousness. It has never dawned on me that the life here (in Malaysia) is what I really want. It’s the day that I set my foot out of this country that I realise this. Why, for everything here is so good, that I chose to study abroad at a town 4255 miles away?

I must’ve lost my mind.

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