Exams, Slacking, and a Girl

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No choice lah, need to do a bit of notes or else I phail wei.

So yeah, exam is just around the corner. You can imagine me studying hardcore for 12 hours a day but to be frank the truth is pretty much the opposite. Slack, slack, slack… yeah, this is not good, I know. Well, theme 1 is pretty much a pass, but my primary school teacher taught me to aim high, so, hmm, HD? Impossible, lol.

Few days ago, when I was “studying”, I suddenly thought of someone. The special someone. Darn, I thought, why at this time, before exams? And it’s pretty pointless for me to think of her, since we’re like 4255 miles away from each other. But then, I really want to know how’s she now. I want to… talk to her, though I know it’d be awkward to the highest possible degree. So much that I’ve changed since we last talked to each other, I wonder if she’s still the same person…

P.S: Did I just hear someone making food using the microwave at THIS CRAZY HOUR (3:25am)?? Holy schei├če!!

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  1. OOOHHHHHh! Missing someone from Malaysia? <3 Whose the lucky girl ;)