Ice Skating: The Sequel

Again! In 2 weeks’ time!

So we few guys went to Glenorchy again, for ice skating. This time however, Minyoung and Russell replaced Frank and Kenneth’s places.

We met at Franklin Square around 12:00 noon as usual. Boss, Dexter, Jason, Josh, Minyoung and I arrived first, and we had lunch (fish & chips) at Flippers. The fish was nice, but the chips were tasteless. We walked back to Franklin Square and waited for the remainders. Michael soon arrived, followed by:

DSC_2072-1 (Custom)

Nancy and Russell.

Boss wanted to show Russell who’s BOSS, so he smoked a cigarette:

DSC_2074-1-2 (Custom)

Lol joking.

Like the previous time, we took a bus up to Glenorchy, a suburb located at northern Hobart.

DSC_2082-1 (Custom) 

And just like the previous visit, we were warmly welcomed by standing outside:

DSC_2091-Edit-Edit-1 (Custom)

*All the fun here from 2:00pm till 4:00pm*

DSC_2095-1 (Custom)

DSC_2101-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2102-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2103-1 (Custom)


After Ice Skating, we walked around cos’ we missed two buses.

DSC_2118-1 (Custom)

*holy shit the ghost and flare and dusts and dirt!@#%#$^@$*

DSC_2132-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2137-1 (Custom) 

Michael with his new hairstyle.

DSC_2142-1 (Custom) 

Minyoung posing.

DSC_2145-1 (Custom)


DSC_2151-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2158-1 (Custom)

Rugged Michael. *Nancy: this looks like TREE!*

DSC_2173-1 (Custom)

DSC_2178-1 (Custom) 

Korean style spying.

DSC_2186-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2188-1 (Custom)

DSC_2190-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2200-1 (Custom) 


DSC_2203-1 (Custom) 

And we went to Nando’s for dinner… Pretty awesome actually, just that its extra hot, only for the dare devil peri-peri chilli is nowhere as hot as the sambal I got in Malaysia.

DSC_2207-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2213-1 (Custom)

DSC_2219-1 (Custom)

DSC_2225-1 (Custom)

DSC_2228-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2231-1-2 (Custom) 

“No more matchstick!”

DSC_2235-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2236-1 (Custom) 

DSC_2259-1 (Custom)


DSC_2278-1 (Custom)

Michael with Nancy’s scarf (!)

Awesome man, let’s do it again in three more weeks’ time.

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