Driving the Vintage

DSC_8452-Porsche-tonemapped-1-2 (Medium)

“It’s old, but it’s still a Porsche.”

This beauty is a 30 years old Porsche Carrera 911 SC. It’s gorgeous from every angle and its engine delivers 204bhp of raw power. Unfortunately, due to a period of negligence, its battery died off, which is a sad case since I’ve been wanting to drive this car since young.

Yesterday, my dad decided to send this car to pump its tyres. We jump-started it with the battery from my Prado, and after pumping the tyres my dad let me drove this car with him following me behind (he drove the Toyota).

DSC_8501-Porsche Interior-tonemapped-CS3 NR (Medium)

This German baby is more demanding than you think. It’s clutch is even more heavy than the Prado’s. What’s more, the path of the pedal follows a very different tradition than most cars- it curves downwards the further down you step it. Perhaps the most lethal part of all is that the clutch is very VERY bouncy. It would bounce up in a sudden and cause the car to either spring forwards or die. I often hear a thud when the clutch bounces as I release the clutch, while simultaneously, the car gains an immediate rush and leaps forward.

DSC_8511-1-2 (Medium)

I found that this car is still quite powerful despite being 30 years old. As its peak output is around 5500 rpm I doubt if I have fully experienced the car’s full power. Maybe next time, after I learn to control this classic antique.

P.S: First two shots above are High Dynamic Range shots (HDR).

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