Fuji and Kodak

I’m getting lazy, damn.

It has been few days since I pick up my camera and shoot real things. Somehow, the weather these days are moody and crappy too. It has been long since I saw golden evening light, the key light.

I’ve just developed 2 rolls of negatives, Fuji 400 and Kodak 400. The results are quite good, and the grain is really fine on both. Colours aren’t as good as Velvia, which is of course. When I shot these two rolls I thought of comparing them in a casual way. But when I see the results I couldn’t make much comparison as they look quite alike, aside from the redder skin and cyan shift of Kodak. The film currently in my Nikon FA is Kodak 200. That’s the next comparison, against Fuji 200.

Here are the results:

Fuji 400:

000007-1 (Small)

Low light, last day in college.

000017-1 (Small)

Converted into black and white and fiddled with channel mixer.

000024-1 (Small)

The green looks green enough, unlike yellow-green in digital.

000034-1-2 (Small)

Slightly desaturated.

000035-1 (Small)

The blue tint is natural.

Kodak 400:

000037-1 (Small)

Yee Jean and Carol at the orchard.

000036-1 (Small)

The couple.

000040-1 (Small)

Jean’s debut performance.

000024-1 (Small)

The orchard. Note slight cyan shift.

000029-1 (Small)

Also the orchard. Note warmer colours.

Anyway, to get rid of my pathetic slothfulness I decided to take on a photography project. Heard of the 365-days project or fixed-focal-length project? Yeah, something like that. I’m currently most interested in my 50mm 1.8. Its shallow depth of field and my D90’s cropped sensor means it is perfect for portraits. In fact, it is the lens on my camera for more than 50% of the time. So, I should be doing some portraits projects, of my dog. Hey my dog is more handsome than you, okay?

On the D90, 50mm equals to 75mm in full frame. 75mm is a focal length for half body shots... which is almost like full dog-body shot. But since I’m a sucker for ultra blur background, I should neglect a little bit on the “correct” perspective and shoot half dog-body or even dog-head shots with the lens, so that the background can be great.

Ah, finally I have a plan to follow. I’m currently reading The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins, and I can say that it’s a really mind-boggling book. It’s so informative and lucid, not surprising for a book by the respected Richard Dawkins.

P.S: Ignore the thick and disproportionate footer of the pictures. I was too lazy to change all the dimensions, font size and inset.

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