Holga? Did you just mention Holga?

If you remember well, I've tried shooting a Holga 135BC lomographic plastic toy camera 2 months ago. Days later I received the scanned photos from my sister through internet. To be frank when I first saw the results I thought: "Holy guacamole, this sucked shit!"

Browsing through pile of underexposed shots I found some "acceptable" ones and processed them a little in Lightroom. As you'd expect the photos look very lomographic or Holga-ic. Low contrast, underexposure, light leak, frame-advance failure, out-of-focus... et cetera. But this is exactly what Holga is meant for! To expand artistic skills using a technically imperfect camera.

And the long awaited photos are here. Enjoy!

r001-010-1 (Medium)
First shot: I've forgotten to advance the frame. Thus this is a multiple-exposure.

r001-012-1 (Medium)
Some flowers. The original shot was severely underexposed because of overcast sky and mostly due to the camera's 1/100 sec shutter speed and f/8 aperture. It's fixed!

r001-031-1 (Medium)
Wanna try bulb mode?

r001-016-1 (Medium)
Failure to advance frame creates artistic results. This time it's the camera's fault.

r001-020-1 (Medium)
Using the not-so-fisheye lens.

r001-024-1 (Medium)
Can shoot sports also eh!

r001-029-1 (Medium)

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