The Combo

First, Yee Jean and I saw an accident at Jalan Semantan. A Kancil spun down the longkang beside the road.

The same day, Hooi Sann burst her Myvi tyre.

The next day Friday, Wei Han screeched the tyres of his BMW twice.

On the way home from Carol's house, Poh Seng emergency braked and screeched his tyres. Smoke came out from his 4 tyres.

While passing by Jalan Semantan, I recalled to Wei Han about the accident yesterday at the same road. Immediately we saw an upside-down car in front of us. There were even smoke coming out from the car, damn.

DSC_8786-1 (Medium)

The car and the driver.

DSC_8789-1 (Medium)

The road was slippery.

DSC_8794-1 (Medium)

"Hey I was there!" -Wei Han

DSC_8795-1 (Medium)

I look like a reporter in this photo.

P.S: Have fun in Russia Chia Hoong, heh.

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