Yesterday was a very nice day.

In the morning and afternoon, I had a rendezvous with a long lost friend, Fang Leng.

There's a story behind us but I wouldn't want to mention here.

Anyway, it has been 4 years since we we last met each other.

4 long years.

DSC_8397-1 (Small) DSC_8363-1 (Small)

Ignore the super ugly direct flash which makes things look unnatural. I forgotten to dial in exposure compensation.

DSC_8364-1 (Small) DSC_8366-1 (Small) DSC_8367-1 (Small) DSC_8370-1 (Small) DSC_8373-1 (Small) DSC_8375-1 (Small)  DSC_8383-1 (Small) DSC_8381-1 (Small)DSC_8386-1 (Small) DSC_8389-1 (Small) DSC_8393-1 (Small) DSC_8395-1 (Small)

After that, I attended my primary school class gathering. 2003 Chen Moh 6K gathering- it has been 3 years since we last had a successful gathering.

DSC_8402-1 (Small) DSC_8407-1 (Small) DSC_8416-1 (Small) DSC_8418-1 (Small) DSC_8432-1 (Small) DSC_8433-1 (Small) DSC_8434-1 (Small) DSC_8437-1 (Small) DSC_8448-1 (Small) DSC_8451-1 (Small) DSC_8452-1 (Small) DSC_8456-1 (Small)  DSC_8460-1 (Small) DSC_8461-1 (Small) DSC_8463-1 (Small)

Group photos:

DSC_8467-1 (Small) DSC_8469-1 (Small) DSC_8470-1 (Small) DSC_8472-1 (Small) DSC_8475-1 (Small) DSC_8478-1 (Small) DSC_8480-1-2 (Small) DSC_8481-1 (Small) DSC_8482-1-2 (Small) DSC_8484-1 (Small) DSC_8500-1 (Small)DSC_8488-1 (Small)   DSC_8510-1 (Small) DSC_8512-1 (Small) DSC_8514-1 (Small) DSC_8517-1 (Small)

Guess who's who?

DSC_8524-1 (Small) DSC_8525-1 (Small) DSC_8526-1 (Small) DSC_8529-1 (Small) DSC_8535-1 (Small) DSC_8537-1 (Small) DSC_8545-1 (Small) DSC_8548-1 (Small) DSC_8559-1 (Small) DSC_8565-1 (Small) DSC_8502-1 (Small)


DSC_8458-1 (Small)DSC_8566-1 (Small)

LOL Yin Wen.

DSC_8570-1 (Small) DSC_8578-1 (Small) DSC_8580-1 (Small)

Read this:

DSC_8585-1 (Small) DSC_8586-1 (Small)

One word: FAT. Lol.

DSC_8597-1 (Small) DSC_8598-1 (Small) DSC_8602-1 (Small) DSC_8603-1 (Small) DSC_8611-1 (Small) DSC_8622-1 (Small) DSC_8630-1 (Small) DSC_8641-1 (Small) DSC_8642-1 (Small)

After the gathering I went back by Tjia Hwei's car and we got lost. Subang is such a big place. Thanks to GPS, I'm able to be here writing the blog now.

P.S: All the best to you, Hui Inn. Hope you get well real soon. Jia you! =)

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