Hoya Circular Polarizer

I just got a Hoya circular polarizer for my mostly used zoom lens (18-105mm VR) and it's a really fun (and important) piece of kit.

DSC_6933-1 (Medium)

Unlike colour filters which can be mimicked by tweaking the white balance, the effect of polarizer is irreplaceable by post-processing. It can eliminate or enhance reflections or improve contrast of an image.

There are 2 layers in the filter of which the top layer is able to rotate. The polarizing effect varies as the filter is rotated because the polarizing material blocks light oscillating in one direction, and so when the filter is rotated, it gradually blocks light oscillating at other angles.

Here are some examples produced by rotating the filter 90 degrees:

1. Photo frame

DSC_6923-1-2 (Medium) DSC_6924-1 (Medium)

2. Water surface

DSC_6906-1 (Medium)DSC_6907-1 (Medium)

3. Fish pond

DSC_6911-1 (Medium) DSC_6912-1 (Medium)

4. Laptop screen

DSC_6939-1 (Medium) DSC_6940-1 (Medium)

No I did not switch off the display. It's the polarizing effect. The white dots on the screen are dusts. (!)

Amazing huh?

I'm going to the National Park this weekend, and this polarizer should be a great help!


  1. Teach me how to do the polarising effect pls....

  2. O.o
    do you have a polarizer to start with?