Genting Class Trip

It's an awesome, fun-filled and wonderful trip.

Last Tuesday, my class had a trip to Genting Highlands, the city of entertainment.

We arrived just on time before the bus left at 12 noon.

The journey to the cable car station took us one hour plus.

DSC_4697-1 (Small)

The fun started in the bus.

DSC_4723-1 (Small)

Cable car station.

DSC_4737-1 (Small)DSC_4740-1 (Small)DSC_4762-1 (Small)


DSC_4775-1 (Small)

Her uber cool hairstyle.

DSC_4784-1 (Small) DSC_4770-1 (Small)

DSC_4807-1 (Small)

Hello? Hello?

And we sat on the cable cars...

DSC_4858-1 (Small)

Lilian looked like a cute rabbit.

And we arrived soundly.

DSC_4895-1 (Small)DSC_4902-1 (Small)

At the hotel lobby.

DSC_4907-1 (Small)

DSC_4915-1 (Small) DSC_4917-1 (Small)DSC_4924-1 (Small)

And hotel lift.

DSC_4928-1 (Small)

Once we reached our room we had some happy (gay) time.

DSC_5873-1 (Small)

Orgasm #1 (for girls only).

DSC_4947-1 (Small)

Orgasm #2.

DSC_5871-1 (Small)

Orgasm #3.

And some gang bang action.

DSC_4978-1 (Small)

3 people isn't sufficient.

DSC_4999-1 (Medium)

We need 5.

DSC_5018-1 (Small)

Or even 6.

Then some non-gay fun.

DSC_5039-1 (Small)

The valiant.

DSC_5040 (Custom)

And villain (nosebleed lol).

DSC_5054-1 (Small) DSC_4966-1 (Small) DSC_4970-1 (Small)

His breakfast, lunch and dinner.

DSC_5072-1 (Small)

With whiskers.

We walked towards the indoor theme park for more fun.

DSC_5098-1 (Small)DSC_5135-1 (Small) DSC_5116-1 (Small)

Vincent: "You look like peeking up from a submarine."

DSC_5119-1 (Small)


We played pool.

DSC_5325-1 (Small) DSC_5190-1 (Small) DSC_5212-1 (Small) DSC_5284-1 (Small)DSC_5192-1 (Small)DSC_5302-1 (Small)DSC_5340-1 (Small)

And played arcade.

DSC_5382-1 (Small)DSC_5436-1 (Small) DSC_5469-1 (Small)DSC_5405-1 (Small)

Blur art.

DSC_5350-1 (Small)

Gheyness ultima.

DSC_5492-1 (Small)

Recognize them? It's Spock and the Russian guy.

We went outdoor, played the flying coaster.

DSC_5528-1 (Small)

Like this.

Ate some food,

DSC_5545-1 (Small)DSC_5511-1 (Small) DSC_5548-1 (Small)


DSC_5556-1 (Small)

Walked back indoor for dinner.

DSC_5569-1 (Small)

Paramount ghey.

DSC_5589-1 (Small)DSC_5597-1 (Small)DSC_5626-1 (Small) DSC_5639-1 (Small) DSC_5640-1 (Small) DSC_5641-1 (Small) DSC_5652-1 (Small) DSC_5679-1 (Small) DSC_5680-1 (Small) DSC_5692-1 (Small) DSC_5603-1 (Small)

We then became Robin Hood juniors.

DSC_5696-1 (Small)DSC_5712-1 (Small) DSC_5721-1-2 (Small)

We bought Carol a mini skirt (woohoo!) and asked her to wear during first day of next semester.

DSC_5741-1 (Small)

First try.

DSC_5766-1 (Small)DSC_5745-1 (Small)

We headed back to our room for some rest.

DSC_5826-1 (Small) DSC_5842-1 (Small)

Played mah-jong.

Around 2 o'clock we walked out for supper at McDonald's, and walked around to Starbucks then only went back to sleep.

By the time we slept it was already 3:30am.

We woke up at 7am.

And played mah-jong again.

DSC_5919-1 (Small) DSC_5889-1 (Small)

DSC_5900-1 (Small)

After the usual brush-ups, we (guys only) took our breakfasts and started to play in the theme park.

Outdoor & indoor full day access, 41 bucks after rebate.

DSC_5958-1 (Small)

The cup was the most exciting game we've ever played. I got serious headache, dizziness and nausea for an hour after playing it.

Bumper boat was fun too- our teamwork pwned Poh Seng and Wei Han lol.

When the girls arrived we played pirate ship which was really fun, with our super orgasmic sound and faces.

Image2-1 (Small)

We played that for 4 times that day.

Other games we experienced include thunder mine, flying dragon, toboggan, space shot (only some of us tried), and cyclone. Before lunch Chin Ken, me and Wei Han bought some ice cream.

And this is the result of Chin Ken's:

Image434-1 (Medium)

With some energy left, we went back to room and planned for Shook Teng's surprise for Poh Seng.

It turned out pretty well, as I've heard. Lover's bridge some more, how sweet.

DSC_5991-1 (Small)

Yee Jean came too.

DSC_6028-1 (Small)

And we had some picture-taking time.

DSC_6042-1 (Small)DSC_6045-1 (Small) DSC_6049-1 (Small) DSC_6053-1-2 (Small) DSC_6056-1 (Small) DSC_6066-1 (Small)

After that we watched Terminator Salvation.

Frankly speaking, I don't really enjoy the show. The terminators resemble skeleton men more than practical killing machines. Why would machines need teeth, human-like skull and other human-like body structures? Hmm. In the real world, a wheel base is much more suitable than a 2-legged moving unit. But aside of this, some of the machines are cool, like the motornators. lol.

We went back to hotel for some rest. I slept and the others went to watch MU vs Barcelona from 2:30 until 5 something.

The next day we woke up around 10, and mah-jong-ed, and packed our stuffs.

We checked out at 12 sharp.

DSC_6085-1 (Small)DSC_6101-1 (Small)

Lift lobby.

DSC_6115-1 (Small)

And this is the group picture (without a few people -_-).

DSC_6130-1 (Small) DSC_6131-1 (Custom)

At the main lobby.

DSC_6143-1 (Small)

We ate our lunch at 老地方. I bought KFC with Hooi Sann, and Ru Yiin bought McD's nugget set. Girls' stomach are small.

DSC_6195-1 (Small) DSC_6154-1 (Small) DSC_6155-1 (Small) DSC_6156-1 (Small) DSC_6167-1 (Small) DSC_6172-1 (Small)

After lunch, we waited for a while...

DSC_6209-1 (Small)

And walked to the bus station.

DSC_6230-1 (Small) DSC_6224-1 (Small)

The bus reached Titiwangsa station at 3 o'clock, and half of us (me, Vincent, Hooi Sann, Ru Yiin, Gabrielle, Diane and Tjia Hwei) went to KL Central station by monorail.

And I went back by Gabby's car.

It was really a nice trip. See you all soon, my friends.

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