The Disc and Thumbdrive

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Recently there is a ping pong craze in my class.

Me, Vincent, Wei Han, and Chin Ken are the 4 ping pong hardcore fans. Every time before classes of lenient teachers we will go up and play a few games. We skipped LAN for 2 days playing ping pong.

Yesterday, we played ping pong before English lesson. Then we played again during break. And after physics we played for more than an hour, skipping LAN. After classes we played until 5 o'clock. it was such a nice day.

We should find a day to play ping pong in one's house yes? It would be nice, with some BBQ fun.

Something funny happened: once we went to the second floor and discovered that the person in charge for the ping pong bats was not there. So, in dismay we walked back down. Just before the sight of the ECA room disappeared before us we saw the person walking to the room. So Vincent, with all enthusiasm to play the game decided to go back up again. He walked, and hopped onto the escalator going up-- and the escalator stopped immediately! We laughed and guessed that it was his jumping caused the escalator to malfunction. He disapproved the idea, of course.

Then, after skipping LAN class to play ping pong we walked back down again. In disbelief, Vincent jumped on the escalator for the second time-- a deep "Thom!"-- and the escalator stopped in no time! We are very sure that it is his hop that caused the escalator to stop. Both the escalators were jammed, and it was so funny.

Today during chemistry lesson we did an experiment with bleach.

It smelled like semen, seriously.

So girls, you know what to expect in the future.

P.S: Photo taken in Singapore.

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