Post SPM Day Six

I realized that my hand, uh, fingertips I think, sweat easily. Whenever I pick up a book and read, within 1 minute I'll feel that slippery moisture on the book, and heck, my fingertips are all sweaty. Then it'll leave behind some H2O + mineral salts = sweat on the cover. And I don't like it. I treat my book like I treat my wife (Imagine you hug your wife tightly after a full 1-hour-course workout- and see how she frowns and yells "OH SHIT YOU'RE DAMN SMELLY AND WET AND DISGUSTING AND UURRGHHHH!").

Today I went back to school to return the books. Immediately after I stepped down from my car Xian Tze came and helped me to carry the books (I was also helping James to return his books). The arrangement and the small counters in the room I return my book quite surprised me. I didn't expect our classmates to be that organized. haha. Most of my classmates looked the same- except that most girls didn't tie up their hair any more- which looked even more beautiful. And oh, Hui Yee straightened her hair I think. Looks great. Then I walked around the school, met Hui Inn (she's pretty today. Er, I mean, everyday), Sze Hui (wow she dressed up like.. how to say? Very cute lah), and Evelyn (she's leaving on 14th! So fast).

By the way, anyone knows how to appreciate neoclassical musics? Like those of Shostakovich and Stravinsky? I found it a little.. weird. The music have a weird unique melody, unlike any other compositions of that period (such as Rachmaninov's or Debussy's).

P.S: Why my connection is so fucking slow!?!??!!?!??!?!?????? Can't even load a fucking video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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