Graduation Day

Graduation day. Hmm. Not that fun as yesterday though (maybe due to the lack of some musical moments haha).

So the day started off with everyone of us busy taking photos with each other. Well I didn't took photos with all my friends, but I'm lucky to have, at least, most of my friends to have a shot with me.

Anyway, today is the first time ever we all sing the national anthem so loud.

To make things short, here are the photos:

James, Keenen and I (I don't get the meaning of our pose by the way)
Me, Keenen, James and Chun Wai (we were tickling Chun Wai that time haha)
Dono why, I love this photo the most ;) Teehee.
Choon Lim and James.
James and I.
Choon Lim and I.
Chun Chee and I.
Xian Tze and I.
Me and Jue Sheng.
Me and Jay Wyin.
James and Jay Wyin.
Zhen Yoong and James.
Eng Yuan and I.
Keenen and I.
Whose bigger?
Me and Ian.
Yi-Rui and I.
Peggy and I.
Hui Yee and I.
Me and Shi Ning.
Me and Shu Ying.
Me and Yi Ting.
Jolene and I (I love this photo too, haha)
Marvin and I.
Thanesh and I (sorry exposure problem).
Farhan and I.
Ian and Kee, with their 8 inches.
Evelyn and I.
Evelyn and Fiona.
ISA Gang! Graduation!
With Miss Ashikin.
Juliana and I.
TJ, Mr.Hardev, me and James.
Hindraf, me and Peter.
Hui Inn, Sze Hui (another cutie haha), and I.
Group photo: 5S5 MEN.
Li Chung and I.
James and Tjia Hwei.
Erm, Yap Chun Huat James Benedict. Haha.
Yin Bin and James.
Another classical.

So, we've graduated. I'll miss every moment spent with you all, with this school (too bad didn't take photo with madam Lim YK), and all and all...

Con te partiro...

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