Our Route to Political Absolutism

Here's a fictitious story of a government party in crisis of being usurped by the opposition:

God damn. We're losing our ground. We're losing our stand. We're turning into opposition! This is a real danger! Our plans will be discovered, party members will be prosecuted, and they'll use the International Space Agency(ISA) against us. This must be prevented at all cost- no matter what. We must retain our power to save our lives.

We've discussed for long. We've derived out a plot and it'll be used. And hell, it's working- people enraged, news reported, emotions flared. We've succeeded in the first step.

The next move will be creating more problems. Racial talks, price hike, baseless assaults are to be made to further install hatred among society, for emotion is the oppressor of rationale.

Everything has its limits. It'll soon explode, like a bomb reaching ground zero- BOMB! The people bring it up the street, riots will happen, uncontrollable. Then we'll interfere- with our ABSOLUTE powers. We want absolute control. We're totalitarian. We're control-freaks. We know that we're heading towards the right path. As long if the country is stirred up, here we have the power. Emergency rules are set, militant government is formed. There'll be no mercy in wiping off our enemies- whoever we perceive as enemies.

And we win. We have the power. We continue our avaricious scheme. We continue to share big bucks from our taxpayers' money. We live in heaven they live in hell. We love realpolitics. Politics should be like this. It should be based on reality. We just love to be real, true. So it is. Paradise for us. 72 is our number.

We can't help but smile when we see this photo. Our plot is working and our goal is reaching. Happy? Definitely.

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