I'm now at Penang. My aunt's house. Life without the internet is dull. I feel that I'm not connected to the outside world. I NEED internet to SURVIVE. It's the ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT for my SURVIVAL. Heck.

Anyway, I'd spent my time watching ANTS. Yes, really. Big, black ants that live in the grassland. In the afternoon while I was eating some biscuits, I dropped some on the floor. About an hour later, a group of black ants (BIG one) came and located the biscuit piece. Then they started munching, sharing. I thought, what? They just eat here without carrying back to their nest for other ants? I was proven wrong in a few minutes. One of the biggest ants successfully tore off a small bit of the biscuit piece. Oh, they're breaking it up for convenience of transporting! Then, I traced the big ant back to her nest (yes she's a female. All worker ants are female), deep in a bush in the garden.

As to the remaining ants, few of them did the same too, but the last one was trully 'flattened' by someone's feet (not mine!).

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