Typical Extremists

50 years, have they changed their mindsets?

No. They're still the narrow-minded intolerant radical barbarians.

It got on their nerve when the Bar Council discussed about Islam laws. They were outrageous when the Chief Minister suggested a 10% allocation for non-Malays in the college. They wanted so hard to convert our country into an Islamic state. Now, they even wanted to declare JIHAD towards the 'outsiders'.

Have you ever wondered why they'd did this? It's because of their hopeless view that put too much weight on Islam and its rights. Islam is just a religion, a set of beliefs. It should not be interfering with the political system.

The Bar Council is just discussing about the problem for a Muslim to leave Islam. Please, listen, they're just discussing, not disgracing, challenging, or questioning. And I feel that Islam has seriously violated the very basics of human rights. (that a Muslim may not leave Islam or convert into other religion) Every human should have their rights to choose their own religion. Child born as Muslim may not want to be a Muslim at all, but due to the rediculous Syariah laws of Islam they have no choice. Please note that religion is very different from race- if you were born as a Malay you're a Malay forever; but religion is just a set of belief that everyone is free to choose! Those extremists are being really insensible in the whole issue.

Then, our CM suggested that UiTM should allow 10% of non-Malays to enroll. Then what happned? The radical group of Malay-ists students gathered and rallied illegally while shouting and holding banners of "DO NOT CHALLENGE MALAY RIGHTS". Well, I think that 10% is not harming or challenging the Malays at all. In fact, who even wants to enter that college and get discriminated by those extremists inside? Also, why there is no action taken towards those students? According to the law college students that involve themselves in politics are subject to be jailed. This proves a thing- the law does not work. The same question arises here: do you know why this happened? Again, it's due to their intolerant, radical racial mindset that have caused this.

Just as recently as yesterday, the Muslims in the country had a meeting, (Muktamar) where they were supposed to celebrate PAS' winnings in the previous election. But as the same old narrow fundamentalist's mindset came in, it turned into a radical and aggresive meeting. The most significant people are the PAS Youth's delegates. They'd stressed out many issues, slamming the motion of the Bar Council, assaulted PKR leader and DAP senior members, and insisted for Islam to be implemented or 'given great importance' in the country's ruling system. For God's sake Islam is just a mere religion! A belief is a belief, it should NOT be implemented in a political system. The PAS Youth's representatives then barked loudly, viewed non-Muslims as orang asing or 'outsiders', and even wanted to declare JIHAD or HOLY WAR. Look, they're living in the dark ages where holy wars are required to secure themselves.

After these incidents, it's clearly shown that the typical irrational, intolerant, radical, racial, aggresive, barbaric, fundamental behaviour still exists among them.

Sometimes I feel ashamed to be in the same land with them.

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