Racial Jokes

Today had been a racial day. During the education exhibition, our group of friends sat at the corner and joked.

The funniest joke in the world is racial joke. Very true! Haha.

Let me tell you a few funny ones here, using 'sakai' as the race (of course, we used either M or I, but no offence was intended):

What's the difference between a sakai and a bucket of shit?
Answer: A bucket.

How long does it take for a sakai to shit?
Answer: 9 months.

Once, alien invaded Earth. After winning, they decided to take humans for experiment. They selected a human, and set him to row a boat. When the human is rowing, he sang: "row, row, row a boat..." Then, they removed half of the brain of the person, and set him rowing again. This time, he also sang "row, row, row a boat..." but with a slow speed. They took the human, removed another quarter of his brain and set him to row the boat again. This time, he sang "row, row, row a boat" with a very very slow speed. At last, the aliens completely removed the brain of the human, and made him to row the boat. Suddenly, the person sang "dayung, dayung, sampan... dayung sampan..."

A Chinese, Indian, and Sakai went to a town and came across a magical mirror that sucks in people if the person tells lie. The Chinese faced the mirror first and said: "I think I fry the best Cha Kuey Teow in the world," and the mirror sucked him in. The Indian said: "I think I make the best Roti Canai in town," and the mirror sucked him in too. Then, the Sakai came to the mirror and said: "I think.." and the mirror straightly sucked him in.

Hahaha... I also got one joke adapted from some book, in Chinese:

有一天,在飞机上,美国总统,英国首相,和邓小平在互相炫耀自己士兵的英勇。布什就说:“我们美国的兵士是最勇敢的,我给你们看看。” 说着,他叫一位美国兵来,然后说下令:“你现在从这架飞机上跳下去!”那位美国兵说:“抱歉,总统先生,我不能这样做,因为我家里有一位老婆和老母,还有两个孩子要养。”英国首相布莱尔便说:“我们英国士兵才是最勇敢的!”他叫一名英国兵来,说:“你立刻从这架飞机上跳下去!”英国兵说:“对不起,我的首相,我不能这样做,因为我家里有一位老婆和老母,还有两个孩子要养。”邓小平“哼”的一声,叫来一位解放军士兵,然后说:“喂,你给我立刻从这架飞机上跳下去!”那位解放军一声“遵命!”,便从飞机上跳下去了。幸好他掉进海里,被一名渔夫救了起来。渔夫便骂他:“你为什么这样笨,邓小平叫你做什么你就做什么!”解放军就说:“因为我家里有一位老婆和老母,还有两个孩子要养!”

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