My Atheism Standpoint

Atheist am I.

It's true that atheists can be branched down into several groups- but their united standpoint remains the same, that is, disagreement towards theological thoughts.

Frankly speaking, I'm not profound in criticizing religions. Although I may occasionally refute certain religions' baseless nonsense, basically I'm the type that fights for reason based on science and logic. Thus to me, the existence of God is the most vulnerable of all, which I strongly deny its existence. Atheists left one step that can never come true to disprove God- science. Yes, science can't prove that God doesn't exist. In science, a negative statement is impossible to prove. And that's the final barrier.

Back to religion. I just haven't get it. Why be so hostile towards it? It seems to me that only the minority that misinterpreted their bible did terrible sins that claimed millions of lives. Also, it doesn't mean that all the Christians or Muslims are bad right? But what I strongly opposes religion is that it often interfere with the advancement of science. If not because of religion, heliocentric model of our solar system would be proposed earlier by few hundred years, and think of how advanced we may be now.

Thus, anyone, you may share your religious viewpoint with me, it's some thoughts to be thought about.

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