Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ian is back form Sydney! And he talked about his wonderful experences there, which truly seems to be very fun. He even bought me and Keenen a book, and I'm really shocked! Thank you so much man! ;)


Also, today is 'report card day'- which gives me an absolute excuse to bring any 'forbidden objects' to school. Thus, I brought my camera and hand phone. (I thought she'll go home earlier than me so that I can message her, but it went out my parents came earlier). I took my camera around the school taking photos of the omnipresent CCTV cameras- and I'll post it here later on. The CCTV camera near men's toilet at block E is not in shape again. It had been nudged upwards- pointing the blank ceiling.


Gosh I feel real bad for being a coward. Hopeless person I am. I swear- that I'll grab every opportunity to approach her.

She so lovely ;)

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