Selling Our Class' Book- 足迹!

The school is a market with vast potential. The company consists of 45 students. The 45 students are competing fiercefully. The product is just one- the book.

Once the recess bell rang, me and James ran down the stairs to the canteen and transformed ourselves into salesmen. My first customer today- Yong Zheng, my UKH junior. I continued my hunt, targeting on friends and juniors. Then it's Jia Qi, Zhi Sim, Joyce... I'd sold about 4 books in 15 minutes! I've also persuaded Sze En, Soo Ling, Kar Yee, Hui Ting and Xiao Yen so that they may BUY FROM ME next time! Haha. Then I went to 5S4 and found out that WTF they all had bought the book from Thunder Train(A person)!!!!! Grr... Anyway I sat beside Jolene for a while and made her bought the book too! Hehehe. SEE MY POWER!!!!! #$@#$@#*%^(#$@^*#%^#!~!!!!!#!#~!!!!!!


I would like to, retrieve back my statements regarding her that I'd posted long ago. Because I just found out that she is not that kind of person, as described by another girl. Perhaps the girl is just being jealous of her. Sorry, I never meant to do so. Up above all, you're my friend forever. I can't deny that. And also, sorry for that. ;)

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