KLCC Kinokuniya

A History of Civilizations & The Origin of Species

Wow. Few events happened today. It's a nice day.


After a year's hardwork, we, 5S5 finally got our product- 足迹! Yay!

We are about to have its premiere on Monday, and our target is to get each student in our class to sell off at least 10 books- and we're working very hard today!

Here comes the good news for Me & James team- we are the first ones to sell the first book to the first customer! And guess what? It's our Biology teacher, beloved Ms. Ashikin! Surprised right? She don't know how to read Chinese but still bought from us! Haha see our persuasive power and her kind-ness!


Sigh she can't go with me today. Anyway, I got to know that some of my ISA friends planned to go KLCC right after school and I joined them. Thus after school, we ate chicken rice again (This is the 6th time I go to Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant across 8 days!!!), and headed towards KLCC by LRT.

ISA1 (real identity hidden as requested) wanted to buy something, so we went into Isetan and saw the price etc... but he couldn't make a desicion yet. Actually I went there to buy books. But which books? I had not decide yet. We went to Kinokuniya bookstore to search for books- to me, a library or bookstore is a sacred place. It's the centre of knowledge, place for intellects.

I was searching books there for a very very long time- until ISA1 & ISA2 became bored and went to buy the thing. I had chosen few books- The Origin of Species, The End of Faith, Letter to A Christan Nation, Snowball Earth, Federal Constitution, and A History of Civilizations. After a second thought, I think that The God Delusion I'm currently reading is quite enough for my atheism knowledge. Plus, I wanted to read holier books such as The Language of God by Francis Collins. (but couldn't find it. Anyway I'm now reading a very Christian book titled 'Knowledge') So at last I've chosen 2 books- The Origin of Species and A History of Civilizations. Well both books have a discount of 20%! That's one of the main reason I chose them, haha.


On the way back by LRT, there was a moment when a familiar person came into the LRT with a guy, in school uniform. ISA1 spotted her instantly and was very shocked, and he quickly informed ISA2, who has been pursuing her for a long time. This was the first time I saw her in such near distance. We(ISA1 and me) kept on teasing ISA2 and made fun of him until she noticed ISA1 while he was leaving the train. Minutes later I'd arrived at my station and left ISA2 with her to the same destination. Haha. A very happy day ;)


  1. Cannot find "The Language of God"?

    Every time I go to Kinokuniya I see so many on the shelves.

    All sold out?

  2. Erm, maybe I didn't notice? Haha last time at Borders I had read its first chapter.

    Perhaps I'm concentrating on finding Philosophical books but not about religion/social science.. that's why didn't found it ;)