Stories within Pictures

Today is teacher's day. Well nothing much actually, I walked and wandered around the school, took many photographs of friends, and spent most of my time in the LKT room with juniors.

After reviewing the photos I've taken, I've made few stories with the photos.

Note: The stories, however, are lame.

First Story: The Mercedes AMG

Today was a beautiful day.

3 pretty girls walked on the street, and one of them said:

"Look! What's that?"

It's a Mercedes with AMG sports rime! Wow!

"Faster! Let's go and have a look!"

Even girls like it too!

"Cool! Faster take a photo of it!"

"That's sporty! I want to take a shot too!"

"Waw! Nice! So Beautiful!"

So everyone behaved like paparazzi and took photos of the AMG Mercedes, until the owner appeared and said,

"Hey! Why are there so many people around my car??"


Second Story: The Thief in LKT Room

Early in the morning, some thieves were doing something in the LKT room...

Suddenly, Pei Zhen appeared and on the light!

They tried to steal our money!

Jue Sheng and Jia Pei quickly reported to the police.

The police came very quickly,

And caught them all.

The thieves were sent to Inspector Lee.

Finally, they were in the custody.


Third Story: The Concert

"Yi Lin, what is the time now?"

"Oh, two o'clock. I see."

TJ: "The concert starts at 3:00! I'm going to find a partner to go with me!"

Yi Ting: "What?? Me?? Sorry sorry, I got duty to do!!"

Le Lynn: "Harr, me?? I don't want..."

Hui Yee: "What... No I won't go with you..."

Yee Aun: "No no no not me!!!"

TJ: "Ahh fine. No one wants to go with me. I'll go myself instead."

The place was crowded.

Choon Lim as the emcee, was introducing the performers.

Here comes the rock band!


I know I know... it's really lame. Haha.

Anyway, here are more photos.

Yi Ting, Ee Ling & Me. (Shih Chern & Ken Wei behind)

Mr.Lean & Shih Chern. (Both are disciplinary department officers! Haha)

Yi Lin ;)

Khai Xing, another girl guide & Lee Heng caught unprepared.

Li Theng & Me (Her tongue quite long horh? Haha)

Last but not least, Pooi Guan!

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