New Generation Honda Accord

In Accord. (US model shown here)

Just have a view on the all new Honda Accord.

It's somewhat below my expectation.

The first sight of the Accord was from its back- and its back-light's design is most probably derived from the BMW 7 series.

The front view is elegant, with design similar to the current generation Accord. Its streamlined body adds on its sporty look.

Anyway, I would like to comment on its handles. they're too large and bold. Moreover, the whole-chromed handles paired with the chromed window lining make it garish.

What's worse is, its door handles in the cabin. They feel so cheap, made of plastic and brittle. The feeling of the doors also lose to its rival, Toyota Camry. The doors are too light compared to Camry or Altis.

Despite all this down-points, the cabin and dashboard is beautiful and delicately designed, very sporty.

Overall, it's not bad.

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