LKT Store Duty

Stayed back for LKT store's duty.

It all went quite normal, but then few things caught my senses.

Khai Xing and her friend were behaving weird today- something regarding me and Lee Heng? Haha anyway, what a nice sister I have.

The few form 2 LKT girls- Ng Le Lynn and Yew Yi Lin, hmm.

Le Lynn they all had their duty on morning, and she told me about their method that raised up the price of the last stock- by double! Wow! That's a large sum! Thanks Le Lynn ;)

Yi Lin left a mark in my memory by showing her cute side- when Cheam was PwNing Michael's son at the foyer, she saw me and waved to me, then communicated with some hand-gestures (well I don't really get what she meant, but it's cute! Haha.)

Another thing- the "Yap Wei fans". Due to the high number of admirers (and increasing...) the cute girl has, she can actually be used as a publishing tool. Perhaps I should just make an announcement as such:

"Today in the LKT store, cute lady Ms. Choon Yap Wei will be there, thus all her fans and friends, please do support her!"

Hahaha... I can guarantee you that by using this method the 100 over packets of sweets and chocolates will be sold off within the day!


Today Tuesday, Le Lynn and Yi Lin volunteered to manage the store. Well after recess I stayed at LKT room. During Chemistry period I went to the store and find them there, so I put my bag to duty (I'm not truanting, I got duty pass). Hey really, they're good promoters! In some time they managed to sold off 4 packets of sweets, chocolates and few other products! Sher Lynn also bought 2 items!

Le Lynn & Yi Lin, you both really should manage the store every morning to gain more for LKT! Hahaha.

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