Gossip with Boundary

Everything has its limits. Same goes with gossiping.

After few days of 'gossip bombardments' made by few of my friends, I felt slightly irritated in times.

First they talk about someone, how she's so bossy, so arrogant, so insisting, so demanding, so etc-qualities-of-a-bitch.

Then their point slowly shifted to her private matters. Of course, we can talk about that, but they're actually vilifying her with some small picky issues, and connected them with her private matters.

Another case is about a teacher. Again, small unnoticeable issues were specially selected and picked out cunningly, altogether formed a slandering assault.

After hearing these gossiping, perhaps I should think back what she (one of the gossiper) told me about others' bad deeds. It's worth a rethink.

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