Bought Few Books Again

"God is Not Great" and "The God Delusion"

I'd went to Borders bookstore at The Curve just now. The environment there is simply nice. People were reading books on sofa and floors, Chopin's Etude flowed in the air...

I approach myself to "Comparative Religion" section and found the renown book "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

I've came here 3 months ago when my dad spotted an interesting book "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens, and we couldn't find the book there today.

Then, with the aid of the book-searching-computer and a bookstore assistant, we've found it.

So it's another two and a half hours we sat down, relax, and read the books.

Finally, I bought the book. It's truly great.


  1. That Borders Bookstore is a dangerous place. A friend took me there when I was last in KL. Spent too much money, ended up with too much to carry on the plane. But books can be an addiction. I'll probably head there again when I'm next in KL.

    Enjoy your purchases.

  2. Haha yeah. Books are really addictive- same with Borders. Just like poison, but good poison.