2 Events at KLCC

I'm longing for this day! The MPYO concert!

Arrived at KLCC around 4 and met up with Peter and TJ at Starbucks Cafe. Have some fun chatting, especially while speaking of James(yap): When you call him, he reply "I just finish tuition!", 10 minutes later, "On the way, on the way!", another 10 minutes, "Still on the way! Nah, I saw already! The two towers.. ah I'm reaching!" 10 minutes again, "I'm on escalator! coming up!"... and finally he arrived with Juliana.

Then James called Jonathan asking him whether want to watch Iron Man with us or not, and he actually fooled him by telling him that today's MPYO concert was performed on last week, and he took it seriously! Haha. Around 4:25, we went into the cinema.

The movie was nice, amusing and cool. A recommended show.

Then Juliana and TJ went to change their attire for the concert. Juliana was dressed up beautifully with a maroon dress and red scarf; Peter and James both wore whole-black, I'm with a black blazer, white shirt and black trousers. Jonathan soon arrived with dark-brown shirt.

Then, instead of waiting TJ who disappeared (to toilet and went to hunt for girls), we went to Burger King for our dinner. Wondering where had that fat guy went, James called TJ again. Surprisingly, while receiving the call, TJ could actually wash his hands. Thus conclusion: He's Bullshitting.

Moreover, he got 2, I mean, 5 hand phones. Based on our hypothesis, each of his hand phones are used for his particular prey(girl). But sadly, he's just an ISA wannabe. Jonathan did it perfectly (as seen during the whole afternoon with Juliana), but TJ plagued on an MPYO violinist for don't-know-how-long, try on another girl but failed pathetically... etc. There are numerous number of his lost records.

Then, seeing that we still got time, we decided to go Kinokuniya as Peter and James wanted to by some books. Wow, it was a really nice place with all books you will want to find! James bought "Federal Constitution" for just 10MYR, Jonathan bought a book about Plato, and Peter selected a book about democracy.

8:20, We rushed to the entrance and met with Yew Chin, Jue Sheng, Hui Teng, Huey Wen and Alicia. Then we walked into the hall. Again, the grand, majestic philharmonic hall truly overwhelmed me. The beautiful 32-feet tall pipe organ symbolizes the soul of music.

Here's the concert repertoire:
- Jean Sibelius
Finlandia (Op.26)

- P. Ramlee (arr. Vivian Chua)
Bunyi Gitar

- Edvard Grieg
Peer Gynt Suite No.1 (Op.46)
1. Morning Mood
2. Arabian Dance
3. Ase's Death
4. Anitra's Dance
5. In the Hall of the Mountain King


- Georges Bizet
Symphony in C
1. Adagio
2. Allegro Vivo

- P. Ramlee (arr. Vivian Chua)
Tunggu Sekejap

- Georges Bizet
Carmen Suites
1. Les Toreadors
2. Prelude
3. Aragonaise
4. Intermezzo
5. Habanera
6. Nocturne
7. The Song of the Toreador
8. Bohemian Dance


As you can see, the repertoire was great, with famous suites such as Peer Gynt and Carmen. All I can say for the performance was, a bit unbalanced (as few cellists were absent), and the brass section's loudness covered up the strings (especially on the end part of "In the Hall of the Mountain King"). But then, the few P. Ramlee's pieces were nice- jazzy and gypsy, it gave the audience a relaxing, entertaining feeling.

The concert ended around 10:35 with an encore. Then, we waited at the entrance for James(Ng), and took some photos before going back home. Me, James(Yap), Jonathan, Peter and Juliana went back by LRT.

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