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After school, instead of staying back for the camp that starts at 4, I went back to pack up my bag first. I reach school around 3.40pm, and went to LKT room to put my bag. Around 4.15 everyone was gathered in front of the room, then the camp committees briefly explained the camp's activities and divided us into groups.

Let's see whether I still remember my group members' names: Me, Yew Chin, Pei Zhen, Ern Lyn, Huey Wen, Sue Yin, Ester and Eddy. Oh ya, the afternoon session members joined us too!

Since there's really a lot of things we've did across these days, I'll just write some interesting events that happened.

During the Ice-breaking game, Ken Wei spoke Chinese! Haha. That was the first time I heard him speaking Chinese, and this was a penalty for him (He lost a game). Then, Ken Wei and Tze Huey danced! Haha... Later I'll get the video form Hwee Ling and upload here.

Friday evening, the committee members are preparing the fire for barbecue dinner. BUT, there's one group which couldn't light up, that's Xiao Yen, Joyce, and Xin Yi's group. So, I went to help them out, but after half an hour, there's still nothing. Then Ken Wei came and help out. Another 15 minutes passed, and finally we managed to burn some charcoal.

And we keep on trying, trying, trying, still there's no fire. When finally the fire burnt, everyone was enjoying their barbecue dinner already. The Yee Min soup was very tasty, thanks to Li Theng's mother. But the plastic fork, erhem, once you dip it into the hot soup, it deforms. Anyway, across the night I was with Xiao Yen and Joyce only.

Then, we play AEIOU. It reminds me of our childhood, running all around. So this game is the same, when the music stops, we become sculptures. The fun part is, me, Yew Chin, and Ken Wei acting cool, covering our mouth with left hand, as we're thinking something, and walk slowly while others are running like mad cows. With the cover of our hand, we can talk to each other(we're quite close), haha. But dammit, we're the last 3 and got to dance on the stage. Argh. Anyway we made it through quite well, haha.

After that there's one game called "Love Tunnel", where many pairs of boys & girls stood opposite, stretched their hands out and form a 'tunnel' between. Then, the game begun with the couples at one end ran into the tunnel until the exit on the other side. It was quite fun actually, my partner was Stephanie.

During midnight, Edmund they all go play basketball in the sports centre without lights on. It was freaking dark there. I didn't notice them and went to QM room to fill up my bottle where I found Xiao Yen they all also filling up bottles for tomorrow's use. Anyway, Xiao Yen very cute wor, haha.

Then we 4, me, Yew Chin, Ken Wei and Edmund went to bath together. At first the 4 toilets were occupied. Then 2 were vacant, and I went to bath first. Then Yew Chin, Ken Wei and Edmund came to bath too. We were throwing the shampoo all around the 4 toilets for each other to use. Haha, and we can hear sounds from the girls' toilet which is just beside. Hmm, according to my listening skill, Tze Huey, Pei Zhen, Xiao Yen, Mabel and Zhi Sim was there.

We stayed 'alive' until about 1.30 when the committee members urged us to sleep. Of course, we're quite reluctant to sleep that early. I negotiated with the committee, and Xin Yi asked us whether we're going to play basketball a not (She loves to play too), and I quickly replied, "Yes, Yalor". "Ohh... Then ahh... When you all will finish playing?" "4:00 am!" "Har... So late ah, 3:00 am can?" I was surprised and said "Oooh!! Ok ok!"

Haha... Then I went back to my room and tell them the story. Anyway, we're quite tired already and Ken Wei and Edmund went asleep. Me and Yew Chin went up to the third floor of Block B, near 4S7 there, and walked on top of the prefect bridge. Wow, that's spectacular! It's a very nice feeling to walk up there- and the moon was bright! How I wish I could watch the moon together with her. How lovely it would be.

Finally we went to 'bed' made of 6 tables. That was the worst night I've ever experienced. I slept at 1.45, woke up at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00!!! After I woke up, I felt that my whole body was falling apart! My elbow felt like dislocated, both of my legs are aching painfully, my neck hurts, back pain... etc- agony.

Finally I got to wake up on 6:15. Man, that's pure torturing and I'm suffering the whole night.

Then we went to eat, when Jue Sheng joint us. Wow, guess what he brought? His iPod Speaker set and his 8,000+ bucks electric guitar. That's just simply cool.

Around 10 we play some telematch games, and the most interesting part is our alliance, Pakatan! Haha. There are 6 groups, and group 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 had a secret agreement to joint force and tackle group 5! When the game starts, we 4 groups (Group 6 excluded) stand in rows together facing group 5, and they were in great terror! Then we march towards them, and the war begins. We've encircled them and finally beat them! haha. That's called teamwork.

Afternoon, we have 'amazing race' competition, jointed with members of Girl Guides. So far I've only remembered one of the guide's name in my group, that is Pei Jia, our cute group leader! Haha. There's one game where Mabel 'tie' all our members' hands together with others, making it very complicated, and we need to form a circle without breaking the ties. BUT, instead of one circle, we've formed two!

The last game was a kinda screwed up game for the committees. We're rioting and the place was chaotic. People were splashing water all around, there're numerous water-falls from first floor to people beneath, and most committee members got all wet. Haha. For the committees, their plan to full and bully us backfired. They're the wet ones at last. It's fun, by the way.

At night there was a drama session, where each group must present a drama using all the words in a list provided by the committees. Our group presented a kinda stupid drama consisted of Ultraman, Ultramama, Nanny, Poison, Frog Jump, Private, Vibrate, Socks, and Wardrobe. Firstly, Ultraman appears, then the next scene was him and Nanny doing private matters (The background really suits- Sexyback). Then, Ultramama found out their relationship, and had a brawl with Nanny. Suddenly, Nanny transformed into a monster (typical Ultraman story), and Ultraman fought (Diana-Virus, Beethoven) with it. At last, Ultraman was poisoned and died... (Air on G String) Hahaha.

At night, teacher insisted us to 'turn off lights' by 12:00. So, we turned off the lights, but everyone is still alive and noisy. We were listening to musics, Jue Sheng playing his guitar, Edmund telling horror stories to juniors, Wei Seong playing PSP etc. Yep, it was cool.

Then when we were all asleep, we were disturbed and been woke up by the committee members. I looked at my watch, what?? 2:30?? So early?? Then we were gathered at a room, and the committee gave us a short briefing on the upcoming game- Night treasure hunt. Now that sounds great.

Zhen Xuan and Kar Yee was with my group. The first clue was relatively easy to find, so did the second, and third... until we were stuck at a clue, which the picture was very weird. Finally we found the place- and the picture was actually a silhouette of the school hall and sports centre. Finally, after one and a half hours of searching, we emerged as the first group to accomplish the game. I feel that the game was one of the few best activities throughout the camp.

We slept around 5:30 and woke up around 8:30 for the warm up exercise, breakfast and prize giving ceremony. As it's a Sunday, there're Sunday Schools around the schools, with many classes occupied. "If you shout 'there's no god!' you'll die dude." We remained quite 'high' for the whole morning, until dismiss.

Well for the hammering article I'm going to write at tiba-tiba.

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