Biased History Textbook

Look at our History textbook. See how it criticizes British. And see how stupid it is.

While blaming everything towards the British government, the authors had forgotten something.

Without the imperialism and development of British forces, Malaysia will be like Africa today. British brought many developments towards our country, and yet our History textbook criticizes it as "Abolishing the Malay kesultanan" and "Took all our natural resources away". I wonder how would Malaysia be if British never came. Maybe we're now part of Indonesia, and looks like Africa. Even worse, the textbook says that British "Only give opportunities to Chinese and Indians, and Malays are neglected". The truth is, the Malays that time don't want to work as mining workers like the Chinese and Indian did. The British government set up schools for them, and our textbook, comparing the number of Indian and Chinese schools with the number of Malay schools, refer it as "Does not care about the Malays and this is a conspiracy so that the Malays won't become so intelligent".

And now, UMNO politicians never thought of the contributions made by Chinese and Indians during the past, instead, they refer Chinese and Indians as "Offsprings of workers".

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