I'm 表舅!!!

Okay this afternoon only I knew that My Cousin is getting Married. He's 28, and his girlfriend younger than him don't know how many years. My sister says he is those that only-pikat-small-girl-girl type of people haha!

By the way, the reason for them to marry is quite simple- they 搞出人命 already. 3 months pregnant. Means my grandmum is going to become Great-grandmother! Me and my sister was like discussing and gossiping what is our 'status' now haha! I'm becoming 表舅 already!!!

Another thing, is that my Aunt is also pregnant. And Probably the baby would be younger than my cousin's baby, but my cousin's child will need to call my new cousin 表舅 also! Hahaha... Good News Good News...

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