A Brief Review on Today

First 2 periods were Biology Lesson, and it's my group's turn to present some short presentation of chapter 9.3. Yi-Rui and I discussed and were, quite in a rush to rearrange the sections each of us present as 2 of our team members had gone lost. So, with the transparency note Yi-Rui wrote, I started to present with the aid of reference book. After my part finished, I told teacher "My Part have Finished." Then she say, "Oh finished? Okay, seat down." Then I was like confused, because Yi-Rui should actually continue to present. Yi-Rui said "Nonono don't tell her!! Just let it be!! Fast fast, go take the transparency and the book!!" Haha so she got out of trouble. Ah ya and forgot to say, Yi-Rui's handwriting is so Neat and Beautiful. XP. At least not like Mine, hahahaha.

And then it was the last period we fool around again. In the Chemistry lab, while all others are busy doing their experiment, Ian and Jie Yi started out with a challenge on 'Who can vocal "Ah" out for the longest period of time'. So Ian begun to "Ahh~~" first, followed by Jie Yi (We used Stop watch to mark our time). Wow, Jie Yi won Ian by 34 seconds to 30 seconds! Haha. I joined in, and "Ahh"ed to 29 Seconds only. Then we all started again, with a better preparation, to find the Mean Score. This time I "Ahh"ed for 36 seconds, Ian 37 seconds, and Jie Yi 33 Seconds! Haha... Not long later Kai Jie started to count how long he could hold his breath. Wow, the first try he stood for 90 seconds! It's a long time. Then I tried, and Wow, I held my breath for 105 seconds! Yay. Choon Lim also tried, but managed to hold for about 60 seconds only. Then Kai Jie gave a second try which lasted 120 seconds! Hey that was astonishing. I tried too, but only for 115 seconds, and my face was all red like an apple(Haha) and my hand cold like ice. At the very end moment while holding my breath I feel like I'm going to die of drowning. It was really a fun time on the Lab.

Afternoon, as my sister is going to Singapore real soon (on Thursday Morning), she urged dad to make her a new spectacles to replace her broken one. We went to an Eye-Specialist to check for 50 bucks per person (Quite Expensive, but it's a professional). My Eye sight stabilized, just with a slight increment of 0.25 on my left eye (For about 3 years I never went to check my eye sight). The specialist then check something that need to use some projection with blue light and gently touch my eye (Perhaps is to check the Pressure. Before that his assistant dipped my eye with some fluorescent liquid and my eye feel a bit sticky because of that). After the checking my sister went to a shop beside to choose for spectacles but she couldn't find any frame that she likes.

She decided to go for a shop at The Curve to choose the frame. So we went there, it's quite nice, with many many types of modern looking frames. I picked 2 frames that I like out of all. She picked and chose for some time, and finalized the 3 frames that suit her the most. With advice and opinions from parents and the sales girl, I bought a half-framed, Green-Striped Frame which looks quite nice. My sister bought a Full-Framed Black and White model. With lenses of our power available on sight, our Spectacles were completed just one hour later, and Now, I have my new specs . But I probably won't wear it until the bloody exam is over, because the Spectacles always, and did made me dizzy (I felt like I'm on fish-eye view with the new specs, haha.)

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