How to Fold Your Blanket - By L-Young


My bedroom is the 24-hour-messy type, and to keep it neat, I always think of some methods to make the work easier and faster. And Now, I introduce to you the most sophisticated, technically advance and cutting edge technology of my fast and neat way for FOLDING THE BLANKET. Yeah, It's very fast, and you can have an iron flat blanket on your bed in matter of seconds. Just follow the steps:

Firstly, Take The Blanket up.
Secondly, Make the Blanket Clean by just Kicking on it using your Legs.

Thirdly, Prepare yourself and Aim for the upper-center of the bed, that is, in between your two pillows.
Fourthly, Have A Feeling of Superman.
Fifthly, Sleep on your bed.
After you wake up you'll be shocked to see such a BEAUTIFUL and NEAT Blanket on your Bed!!!

*** Technique and Technology Above is Subject to Copyright. Patented 2007. LOL XD!!

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