New Camera New Picture

So I bought a brand new Nikon P5000 Digital Camera in Hong Kong, and now I'll show you some of my Masterpieces by playing with the Shuttle Speed and Aperture in Manual/ Semi-Auto Mode. Hehe ;)

How Fast You Get I Also Can Snap

What A Cool Picture with Shuttle Speed of 1/1000 s.


Joyful Flight.

They're Like Astronauts in Outer Space!

It Seems like my Second Sister Kick my Elder Sister to the Wall Using her 无影脚!Haha!

Her Hands Are Like Being Tie Up By a String Connecting to the Ceiling.

Wow This is Faster Than 刘翔!

Compare This of A 1/1000 s Shuttle Speed, and

This of a 1/125 s Shuttle Speed. See The Difference.

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